Its Spring Break, and hopefully my students are taking some time to relax, reacquaint themselves with their families, and get in some quality studying =)

There are so many other things on their minds, but I wanted to revisit a discussion we were having about cephalohematoma and the difference between it and caput on newborn babies.  Caput is swelling and crosses suture lines, cephalo is blood and does not, to put it simply.  We were talking about the fact that they both ‘go away’, which made me share my first born’s cephalohematoma story.  I’ll share it here, complete with pictures.

Here is Kai a few days after birth.  It actually took time for the cephalo to be noticeable, with all of the caput and molding.

3 days

As a nurse I was always taught it would go away, so I didn’t want to worry too much.  As a mom, I worried a lot, but consoled myself that it would go away.

17 days

It didn’t go away.  Everyone continued to say it would: nurse practitioners, family practice docs, midwives, nurses, pediatricians.  As I was working in a clinic at the time a lot of care providers were able to see him, and everyone assured us it would go away.  It did not.

2 months

I don’t remember the time frame, but eventually it started to harden.  Now I got really worried.  It wasn’t going to go away, so what did that mean for him?

We eventually got a referral for an ultrasound and a visit with a specialist at Gillette (I don’t remember how old Kai was, maybe 2 months?).  It was clear on the ultrasound that it had calcified.  The specialist was wonderful and incredibly reassuring.  He let us know that he saw this all the time and it was no big deal, without making us feel stupid for being there.

He said that Kai’s head would grow but the cephalo would not.  So would it ever really go away? No.  But soon it would not be noticeable, especially with hair (which he still didn’t have much of).  He also told us that if the cephalo was still noticeable when Kai’s getting ready to start school that we should bring him back.  In all the years he’s said that to parents only 1 child has come back.

4 months

Needless to say it was hardly noticeable before long…

9 months

4 1/2 years

So what should we say to a scared parent of a 1 or 2 day old with a cephalohematoma?  Should we say it will go away?  What do you think?

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  1. Erica Schaub says:


    I think the standard thing to say is “It’s not harmful to the baby, and it will probably go away in 1-2 months, and we will continue to monitor at his/her well baby checkups” because most of them do go away. It’s important to NOT say that it definitely will go away, because there’s no way to predict what will happen.

  2. Tara says:

    I am very concerned because our baby girl was born April 30th and has this. She is now 14 day old and the swelling as not gone down at all. We took her to the doc today and we are being sent to a pediatrician about this. I am very scared it will calcify and stay there and never really go away. She is a beautiful angel in every other way, and this bump has ruined our first weeks home together, as my husband and I are both so worried.

  3. Tara,

    I’m hoping my story and the pictures bring you some comfort and decrease your worry. Have her checked out of course, but please don’t be scared about it calcifying and not going away. As you can see with the last picture of my beautiful 5 year old it cannot be seen at all (even though we can still feel it). It has caused him no harm whatsoever. The biggest harm it caused is the worry his parents had during his early days. I wish I could go back and tell myself what I know now. Then I could stop worrying and enjoy his beautiful little babyhood, because it goes by so fast.

    Please try to just enjoy and marvel in your little girl.

  4. Shannon says:

    My son is 3.5 weeks old now and he has 2, and they seem to be getting bigger. They used a vacuum during delivery which caused this, but it is upsetting since I had a schedules csection. The nurses and doctors all keep telling me it will go away. Sounds like they shouldn’t be making such a promise.

    • I agree that they shouldn’t be making such a promise, but most don’t know otherwise. Sometimes they need to use a vacuum even during a cesarean, though sadly its not usually discussed in advance. The fact that they are still getting bigger seems odd to me. If that truly is the case then I would make sure its thoroughly investigated, but it sounds like you’ve had him seen.

  5. Kym says:

    Thank you so much for this story, it’s nice to know you are not alone – even though I’m aware this happens all the time – I know nobody else that has experienced this with their child. My son was born with a cephalohematoma due to a super fast (unassisted) delivery (he was also 9 pounds so was a tight fit!) – he is turning 2 on the 22nd of this month and it is still there, it has been calcified since a few months old and I have been willing it to go away his entire life – for his sake! Everyone at first told me it would go away, except my GP who eventually said he would probably have a bump there forever. Luckily my son had a lot of hair from birth and you cannot see it – only feel it. I think if I had been told from the start it might not go away I wouldn’t have been so anxious about it when it didn’t. Your little boy is just gorgeous and you can’t tell it’s even there.

    • ashley says:

      This is reasuring to see your sons head evened out. We had a doctor tell us to get surgery to remove the bump, and then we got a second opinion. That doctor said absolutely no to surgery and that it will go away and not be a harm to my son. He is 6 months now. I just get so worried, but reading some of these other posts, i can tell im not alone here 😊

      • Well no, it never ‘evened out’. You just can’t see it. You can feel it. Its still there, though much less evident because the head around it has grown. There may come the day when we can’t feel it either, but not yet.

      • Ashley says:

        Hi there. My son is now 6 months old and his cephalo calcified. How did it go with your little one?

  6. Natasha says:

    My little girl is almost a year and has a calcified cephalohemtoma. Up until 2 months ago her pediatrician was sure it would go away. We went to a pediatric cranal specialist, who confirmed it was not going to go away and has recommended surgery to shave away the excess. My husband and I are seriously debating it, especially after reading your story and seeing your picture. While I doubt she will ever shave her head, I’m concerned about other kids seeing the bump while swimming…we live in Florida so swimming is pretty common. How does your son’s bump look whe his hair is wet? No kids poke fun?! I know kids can be cruel and would not want her to be teased for something that I can correct now! Thanks for sharing your story!!!

    • Its completely unnoticeable, even when wet. Surgery sounds so extreme to me, but it also seems like that’s an option that can be done at any time. Could you wait 3-4 years and if its still a problem then do it? The other option is to get a second opinion (not a different doctor in that same medical group, but a different group entirely). Good luck!

  7. loraine brady says:

    I worry so much about my six month olds she is so beautiful and it makes me anxious when people ask why she has a bump. I feel it could have been avoided too,I had a terrible delivery.

    • I remember that anxiety well. I just reassured people that it didn’t hurt him at all. I’m sorry you had a terrible birth. I had a rough labor as my son’s head was cocked to the side and turned the wrong way. He took a long time to be born, but I was grateful that I had amazing support and was given the time I needed and allowed to do the things I needed to do to get him out (walk, change positions, etc). Though it was a rough labor it was an amazing birth, and in my case it was not at all preventable.

  8. Lara says:

    I just want to say thank you so much for your story and pictures, your little boy is gorgeous! My little girl was born pretty fast with an unassisted delivery, she is now almost 4 months old, she also has a calcified hepatoma which looks identical to your sons, at 6 weeks my doc sent me to a paediatrician for a second opinion as he had never seen one calcify and they normally resolved by 6-8 weeks, the paed did an X-ray to double check and said the same thing. I could tell that he didn’t really want to tell me that it wasn’t going to go away but i did find his response really honest and at the same time comforting he said that as her head grows and moulds the bump would not get bigger but it would appear smaller smaller as her head got bigger and moulded. He did say that surgery was an option but very invasive and that he wouldn’t recommend it for only cosmetic reasons. I was happy after I saw him but doubt myself every now and then because it seems other people (even health nurse) notice it more than I do and say because she’s a girl I should think about surgery…. But I just look at your story and pics again and just enjoy her!!! Knowing its probably not going to be noticeable at all in a few years.. So thank you!

  9. Stacy says:

    Thank you for your pics and story. I have been looking everywhere to find info for what my daughter is going through. She has a lump similar to your sons and we took her to a cranial specialist. We were told it would go away and that she’d grow into it but that was 5 mos. ago and it is still here. She’s 10 mos old now and we were wondering if it would ever go away or if we need to do more. Everything you read says it could go away in a few weeks or mos, but when it hasn’t, and instead has calcified you wonder what’s the next step – if there is one. We want to take care of it now if something can be done, but from what you’re saying is that it will eventually resolve, but it takes years, not mos. It’s just on her cowlick so it looks funny and our concern is mostly cosmetic, but I guess I should not worry too much. Thanks for helping me to understand the time frame a little better and put my mind at ease.

  10. Stacy says:

    Just found your post after doing a google search. Our son is 10 wks old with a calcified cephalo. Hearing and seeung your experience is reassuring. We have been to a craniofacial clinic and their advice is the same..wait it out. In time it will be less noticeable. I have worried a lot over this but came to the conclusion that spending time with my healthy baby was a gift and didn’t want to waste these precious first months in worry. Thanks for your post

  11. Glad my post could be helpful to you Stacy. I also congratulate you on coming to the point long before I did– enjoy your healthy baby and don’t worry!

  12. Chee Lan says:

    Hi, my boy also has cephalo. It was noted on day 1 of life on the right side. Later I found that there was also a smaller squishy bump on the left side too on day 7 of life, which was noted at all earlier. The only thing that keep me worry further is that both are separated in the middle, so Dr said its bilateral. But I wonder why the left side only ‘grow’ later, I can only hope its not something more complicated. He is day 8 of life today and under phototherapy at home for jaundice.

    • One of the hallmarks of a cephalohematoma is that it doesn’t cross the suture lines of the skull. It is possible that with all of the molding of the skull for the birth (when the skull actually shapes itself to the pelvis), the left sided bumps wasn’t noticed even though it was there. We can’t know for sure, of course, but that’s a possibility. Was he a vacuum birth? How is he doing now?

  13. Chee Lan says:

    Ya, he was delivered via vacuum which likely explain the first noticeable cephalo on the right side. Currently he is still jaundice, bilirubin was 330 on day21 of life, then 325 today ( day 24 of life). Cephalo on both sides are resolving, Thank God!

    • EmilyT says:

      Hi there, kind of a late reply. I had my daughter in 2008 and she had a large one on her right side of her head. Much larger then your son’s but more round , like an apple on her head. Doctor said the same thing… it would eventually go away but it never did. She will be 6 years old this month and it is definitely still there. She has grown amazingly well and in 1st grade. Is very smart and right on schedule with all of her developments. She also had horrible jaundice for 3 – 4 weeks after she was born and had to have her little glow worm blanket (as we called it) for those few weeks. Having a baby never goes as planned right off the bat but it always gets better over time 🙂 Good luck!

  14. Ashley says:

    This has put my mind at rest! My boy is 4 months with no sign of change and I think like your sons it will never completely go. X

  15. Jennifer says:

    My last three babies have had cephalos. There were all rop before birth, in labor turned quickly and were born in 1 or 2 pushes. All three developed with 24 hours after birth and continued to grow for 4-5 days. Two of them did have purplish discoloration after about a week. They grew quite large. We did a lot of explaining to people those next few weeks! Hats didn’t fit, so we learned to *embrace the bump*. My sons lasted 4.5months and quite a calcification for months afterwards, like your son. My daughters left overnight as well, at about a month and now, I have a two weeks old daughter with hers and I am totally NOT worried anymore. We watch that it does not cross suture lines and we watch for jaundice. Nursing is made difficult as the baby will not lay on the bump side of the head and so I need to use the football hold on one side, cradle on the other. I hope this might help someone!

  16. Christina says:

    Our daughter has a cephalohematoma at the age of 18months. At first, we worried like crazy. We didn’t even know what a hematoma was. I did research and became even more worried. Her doctor sent us to Children’s Hospital and we had a x-ray done just to classify what kind of hematoma it was. When we found out what kind it was, we became less worried. We were told that it would go away but it hasn’t. I can admit, I am still a little worried. You can’t tell that our little girl has it but I feel it everyday to just see if its going down. I thank you for this story. Its nice to know we aren’t alone.

    • EC says:

      Hi Christina,
      How is the cephalo now with your little girl? My baby is 10months and has a calcified one which doesn’t seem to be getting smaller..

  17. Annie Barnett says:

    I was told the exact same thing about my son. It will go away, it will go away. He’s 13 years old. It never went away. It never bothered him as far as hurting or causing any brain damage, however now the hair that grows from it is starting to feel abnormal, almost bristle like. Now don’t think I’m a bad mother. I asked every pediatrician we saw and they said as long as it’s not bothering him, I wouldn’t worry about it. Well it’s always been a worry, but now even more so now that the texture of the hair seems to be changing. I know surgery is an option, but at this point I’m just disgusted with all those professionals that kept telling me it would go away.

    • stacy says:

      I was told that most go away,but that some don’t. After it solidified,the doctors said that it would not “go away”,but that it would become smaller as his head grew. Sure enough,he is 14 months old and I can still tell it is there but it has improved a great deal. No one else notices and in time,they seem to blend into the shape of the head. As a new mom I was incredibly worried,so I want to give some reassurance to other new moms experiencing this. My doctor said my son’s hematoma was the largest he had seen and it all worked out

      • sara says:

        Thank you for sharing your story. My son has a cephal hematoma and is four months old. Since birth his Dr said it would go away. It’s very large and has not gone down at all. I’m worried how he will be treated in life with such a visible bump on his head. I’m a teacher and I have seen first hand how cruel kids can be. He’s such a beautiful boy and it makes me sad to think about him being teased. We are seeing the ped Dr this week and asking for a referral to the craniofacial specialist. It’s great to hear that even if it never goes away it becomes less noticeable.

  18. Laura says:

    Did your son ever have an MRI or CT scan? My son was born with a cephlahematoma. It’s was soft right after birth. He is now 2.5 months and has a hard lump on his head. We had an MRI to rule out any soft tissue tumors and now Pediatrician is recommending a CT to rule out any rare bone growths or fracture. I’m not sure I want to expose my son to this much radiation.

    • No, just the ultrasound. You might just ask for a referral to a pediatric cranial specialist. They were very reassuring and know a lot more about this stuff, I found, then primary care providers. Pediatricians, Family Practice docs, and even an NP had me worried far more than necessary. Not that everyone’s experience will be the same…

      • ashley says:

        I feel for you!! Some doctors scare the heck out of me, talking surgery and it almost seems as if they are looking for further issues. I had one doc tell me surgery, and had a specialist from a childrens hospital tell me no way to surgery! Ahh the fears of motherhood 😊

  19. Rebecca says:

    Our son is 3 months old and has a calcified cephalohematoma on the right side of his head. We just had an ultrasound done today and are waiting to hear back. Our pediatrician was concerned because he felt like the “bump” was causing his anterior fontanelle to close prematurely…which has me concerned because the back of our sons head is quite flat. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks….this is so stressful!

    • I don’t know how it could effect the ant fontanelle if its truly a cephalo. They don’t cross suture lines.

      Really I’d get a referral to a cranial specialist. My guess is it’ll be reassuring….and if not, that’s the person you’d want to intervene anyway.

      As for flat head, lots of babies get that who spend a lot of time in car seat carriers. How are you carrying around your baby? If he’s in a car seat a lot I would recommend you get a good cloth carrier. I found them way easier to use and better on my back anyway. Here’s a good site for more info http://babywearinginternational.org. Its probably time for me to do a post on babywearing =).

      Please follow up and let us know what happens.

  20. Sandra says:

    Just wondering did you son speak by the age of two. My grand son had the same thing ,it has gone down it took a while.
    But he doesn’t speak has a very limited with words but understands direction ok.

    • My son never had any speech or any other delays. The fact that your grandson seems to understand is good, but any sort of speech delay (even expressive) should be evaluated, IMHO.

  21. Azzura Maimunah Abdollah says:

    15 years ago, i gave birth to my daughter. i had a teribble birth. and she has what we called ‘cephalohematoma’ at the left upper side of her head. ( at that time i don’t know that it is cephalohematoma) i’m very scared . After some months, it solidified. it never go away .
    When My daughter grow up , she is normal. the bump on her head is not noticeable. it never grow or getting bigger. its there ~ but not noticeable because it covered by her hair. but i can feel it when i comb her hair.
    She grow up like others.

  22. Sam says:

    I am really worried, the same thing happened to my new born son and like you all guys are saying, it’ll not go completely, really would not it be?
    I watched so many videos and everybody is saying it’ll go in 2-3 months, same my Child Specialist also saying, it’ll go in a 2 months or so! Are they all saying right? If yes, how much.?
    Please advice. Very much tensed.

    • My experience was that it did not go away, but it was still ok. That’s why I wanted everyone to see the pictures. Its still there… I can feel it, but you can’t see it. Most importantly, it causes him no harm.

      • Melissa says:

        Thank you for posting this! I see too that It is quite an old post. I too noticed a squishy hematoma several days after my son was born. He did have a forceps delivery. I was also told it would go away, and it’s soon hardened. We have since been to his two month, for Mo, and six-month appointments in the pediatricians have not been concerned. I’m kind of surprised that some of these parents have been asked to have an MRI or CT scan done. Should I ask our pediatrician if more should be done? I guess it never really occurred to me that it could be something more serious such as a tumor…..

  23. Nabin Jung thapa says:

    My baby is 17days old . He was operated I mean cs done.there is one side swelling and seems to be bigger but doctor and nurse told it will be disappear within few weeks but it don’t seem.they diagnosis it is fluid collection cephalohatoma ?really I am scared it will disappear or not pls reply me clearly thank u.

    • Obviously I can’t speak to your situation, or anyone else’s who has commented here. The point of my blog post was to share my experience. My son’s cephalohematoma did not go away as everyone told me, but it was ok! Many others have shared similar experiences. What I was hoping to do was provide reassurance. Please reread my story and the stories of the many others who have commented here. You can see from this that in many cases cephalohematoma does not go away, but that it also does not necessarily cause any harm. You should continue to research it and seek the care that you think your baby needs. Please also know, though, that many well-meaning doctors and nurse practitioners assured me it would go away. In the true sense they were wrong. What I think they meant was it would be insignificant, and in that sense they were right. Best wishes.

  24. mamanblogue says:

    My 1-year-old sun has two cephalohematoma since birth, caused by the use of a vacuum, that have been calcified. The 2 bumps has never disappeared, and never will. My doctor suggest me an operation to take it off, but not before he is 2-years-old. I’m scared because surgery is not without risk, and he will have a scar on his head for the rest of his life…anyone who’s child has the surgery?

    • I would encourage you to read the full story and all the comments posted. Also do your research and get a 2nd (or even 3rd) opinion before doing surgery. I have yet to hear from someone who has had the surgery done but hope that someone will eventually comment. As common as cephalohematoma is, I don’t think surgery is very common.

  25. joanna says:

    I’m from Bulgaria and had two kefalhematoma that operirahme.Tuk smetsialistite told us that it is dangerous to leave, because time will press moza..

    • Translation is rough, but I think you tried to say that a specialist told you it would press on the brain?

      Just to be clear, a cephalohematoma forms in the pericranium (periosteum of the skull) http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scalp
      How can there possibly be a risk to pressing on the brain? Looks anatomically impossible. Perhaps I’m misunderstanding your statement.

  26. ness12x says:

    Thank you for sharing. My son has this from when he was born, he is three years old now. In the beginning I was scared and worried. I kept asking his doctor if it’d go away and she reassured me it would. But it hasn’t and I have accepted the fact that it probably won’t. Looking back I wish the doctors would’ve been straight up and just say it wouldn’t go away because when they gave it a time line “Oh it’ll go away within 1 month or a year” it makes you worry more if it hasn’t. My son has had no development issues. He is a normal kid a happy healthy loving smart boy. And his cephalo is not noticeable at all!!.
    I just tell myself out of all the things that can go wrong or what babies can be born with I am grateful it was just a little bump on the head. Be grateful people!!

    • mamanblogue says:

      Hi NESS12X, I feel the same way. Since the birth of my son, all doctors kept saying that it would go away. Now my son is 13 months old, and a specialist recently told me it would never go away, but only look less noticeable with time…it was kind of a shock! I would prefer to know it at the beginning. Now, we are hopping it will not be noticeable with time.
      Is it possible for you to show a picture of your son? I will do the same if you want to.
      Thank you,

  27. Filip says:


    Never think that it will go!!!
    Sometimes it will go, but sometimes it will not. It will became calcified.
    Go to the surgeon and ask him to extract it with a syringe or something like this and you will be happy in short time

    Thank you,

  28. joanna says:

    Hello! I am from Bulgaria and 5 months ago I have birth to my son. Unfortunately, he was born with two cephalohematomas as a result of difficult labor. My husband and I were then told that these cephalohematomas would resorb and disappear, but instead they hardened on the second month. We consulted with a pediatric neurosurgeon who recommended a surgery, as we also made a scan. The surgery of my son consisted of filing off the cephalohematomas and strengthening the place with a titanium mesh and screws. One of my son’s cephalohematomas hardened completely while swollen, and the other one dropped down and hardened only alone the edges (resembling a lunar crater). As far as I know, in some cases the bone under a cephalohematoma starts getting thin, which necessitates undergoing a surgery. Up to this moment I keep wondering whether or not my son’s surgery was necessary or would the two cephalohematomas just disappear in the course of time?

    • We’ll never know but thank you for sharing your story. I think it helps parents to see the wide range of possibilities. Of course as we have all seen there are so many varying recommendations made. There is definitely no consensus on this. Someone else was told surgery but not until atleast age 2. Why? I don’t know. Thank you all for sharing.

      • mamanblogue says:

        I’ve been told not before the age 2 because there are still chances that it goes away, and after 2, there are less chances that it will go away. Now my son is 15 mounts..

  29. Edwin says:

    I have a 4 month old baby and he mom take so long to birth .the delivery was to bad and he had the sameting on he head hematoma calcified we are so worry about the doctor say is normal and go away but in 4 month I don’t see any difference what can I do any one can help

  30. A.Noorani says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing your story. My son was born with bump too. Had two bump lt and rt side. Rt side disappeared but Kr shift still there he is 7weeks old. 2days ago only Dr said it is calcified and need cosmetic surgery. I’m really worried to do surgery. But hope fully LL go away like your sons.

  31. Kalyani says:

    Hi carrieDickson,
    How is ur son?i have a son he is 3 yrs he has cephalohematoma on his head after birth still it did not go..i think ur son is 8 yrs old.. did the cephalohematoma go completely?Thank you for sharing ur experience..

    • My son is now 10. I can still feel it on his head but just barely. Only because I know its there. Others have tried and can’t feel it. Hope that helps!

      • Kalyani says:

        Oho nice to hear.. My son has the same issue exactly like ur son.. he is like two horns in his head when we cut his hair his head is odd shape not even .. we can see it and feel it.i am very much worried this i have searched in the internet no one could not tell the exa ct time like how many years should i wait? I m happy for ur reply thank you so much.. so i should wait over time it will go and one thing do u see the total difference that was before and now is it reduced totaly its size compared to previous u just feel it little right? Thank you so much for your valuable reply..

  32. I think the best way to describe it is that my son’s head has continued to grow, while the cephalohematoma has not, so its hard to notice any more. I can’t tell you what you should do, but I did get wonderful reassurance from a specialist, and as you can see the outcome was great.

    • Kalyani says:

      I hope that by the time goes the cephalohematoma we can not and see and feel it right?thank you..

      • Kalyani says:

        Everyday i m thinking and suffering with this issue..plz suggest me regarding this by the time goes i can not see and i can not feel it right and head shape is like ours normal flatten head..

    • Kalyani says:

      Share me something and advice me regarding this ..thank you so much for ur valuable reply u r awesome..

      • I don’t feel like I can give you any advice. Please seek the advice of several different healthcare professionals. I hope that by sharing my story I have given you some perspective. Best wishes and do send an update some day.

    • Lydia says:

      Hello from Spain. Thank you so much for sharing your story. My baby was born with a cephalohematoma after a vacuum birth 6 months ago. Everyone told us it would disappear, but it didn’t: it calcified.
      There’s such little información that I really appreciate reading I am not the only one in the world with a baby with a calcified cephalohematoma.
      After these years, did the cephalohematoma finally dissappear or not?
      I just hope my baby boy won’t be teased at school.
      Thank you so much.

      • Thank you for your kind words and I am so glad you know you are not alone. It does ‘disappear’, I believe, but in a different way than most think. As my son’s head grew, and he got more hair, it just wasn’t noticeable anymore. He is 10 now and I have to really feel around for it to find it. People who had never felt it before would probably never find it.

        I am so glad my blog post has brought you and others some peace of mind. I remember how frightened my husband and I were, and looking back, we could have really used reassurance. Glad I could do that for others.

      • Kalyani says:

        Thank you dont mind i m asking like this when u cut your kid’s hair like if he has no hair on his head then his head is even shape?generally we some times do this thats what i m asking plz dont mind at all and do u feel the difference or cephalohematoma is there and only head size has grown so that it is not noticeable..i just hope he won’t teased by anyone..i m appreciate u that what u r doing is awesome people like me are very helpful by sharing ur story ..thank you so much

      • I think what you’re asking is if we shave my son’s head (bald), would it be noticeable? I have to say I don’t know the answer to that, but I would guess no.

      • Kalyani says:

        Ya i m asking the same oh ok..do u see the the drastic difference than it was before..thank you once again i m really helpful with this…

      • kalyani says:

        Hi my pediatrician said that it will take like 7 yrs to completely go and also said that while the head size grows cephalohematoma itself will meage with the head and completely disappears like that can u say what did ur specialist clearly tell?thank you so much…

  33. EC says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your story. We are facing this with my baby girl at the moment who has just turned 5 months. We were told it would dissolve over time, but instead it has gone hard. I requested an ultrasound after I thought her head shape was being affected and the radiographer advised that it didn’t look like calcification, and the bump looked like her skull. So now I’m all kinds of worried waiting for a paediatrician appointment. I’m worried that the lump is now somehow under her skull bones. Will be a long few days waiting.
    Does anyone know if the cephalhematoma can impact on the shape of the skull?
    Thank you in advance

    • Kalyani says:

      What is ur experience by these years it will evantually go or it would not noticable by the time goes which is correct according to u?

  34. Toluene says:

    This has really helped. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  35. Paula C says:

    Hi, my daughter was born very, very quickly causing a vacuum which in turn caused a very large cephalhaematoma, she was my 1st baby & I remember being shocked & frightened, asking the midwife “Why does she look like an alien”, I’d never seen a baby like it before nor since, at the time the midwife said it would go down over the coming days until her head was a normal shape! Instead calcium set in & I was told by the paediatrician that she had a Calcified Cephalhaematoma, again being told that it would be absorbed over time & would disappear. She is now 19 years old & still has it, fortunately her head grew into it, which made it less noticeable & she also has long hair which covers it, but the lump is still the same size as the day she was born & most definitely still there, it fills the cup of your hand but she is very good at styling her hair to hide it well. She has never had any problems with it & when she was little, I was advised that unless it grew or moved then nothing needed to be done about it. She has recently started suffering headaches, I’ve spoken to the Doctor, who was extremely unhelpful, I’ve spent hours on the internet trying to find any information about it, all I could find was info relating to babies until I came across this blog, I was just wondering has anybody else had a similar experience please? Any information/advice you could give would be greatly appreciated. The headaches may be nothing to do with it but my daughter & I are looking for peace of mind. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    • Hi Paula, thanks for sharing your story. It sounds like your daugther’s situation is very similar to my son’s. It is reassuring to others to hear that kids like ours have grown up and been just fine! As a health provider, I can’t imagine that headaches that have started at age 19 could be at all connected to a birth cephalohematoma. Headaches are very tricky to diagnose and treat. My advice would be if you found your doctor to be unhelpful, to seek someone else if that’s possible. Regardless of the cause she needs support and understanding. If she isn’t already, have her track her headaches and then go see someone. Here’s one headache diary (though as a midwife I would also include a column for menstrual cycle data which isn’t on this diary). http://www.headaches.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/248072334-Headache-Diary-from-the-National-Headache-Foundation.pdf?x92687

      • Paula C says:

        Hi Carrie, Thank you so much for replying so quickly! I, myself was wondering if the headaches were menstrual related because she has never really suffered with headaches or any other illnesses/ailments throughout her life, she is actually & always has been, a very healthy child with a great immune system. But because of the Calcified Cephalhaematoma, it is always at the back of my mind because I remember very clearly how terrified I was as a young 1st time mum & the paediatrician telling me she’d have to have her scalp cut, skull cracked open & all sorts when she was just days old, it terrified me, so if she ever got a bump to the head or anything growing up, immediate panic set in. So when she mentioned the headaches, again 1st came fear! She has an app on her phone to track her cycle & there is a note section for each day to add any other symptoms/feelings etc, I will get her to note her headaches with the app to see if a pattern appears. Thank you so much for your advice, it’s very helpful & much appreciated, I feel less lonely than I have done in 19 years, as I said before, I’ve never known anybody else with the same thing. Thank you again! Kind regards!

  36. Donna says:

    Having read this and seen the pictures, it was very reassuring. Our son is nearly 4 and we have pictures of him with a lump on his head just like your sons at various ages, it has not reduced, it has grown along with his head. We saw a specialist and whilst he didn’t explain it very well, he told us it had calcified and was nothing to worry about. It is very visible when his hair is wet, whilst swimming. It is noticeable to me when he has had his hair cut. He starts school in September and although I was told it was nothing to worry about, I am concerned about bullying and if it will affect his development. He doesn’t even know about it as I haven’t spoke to him about it.

    I have read the more recent posts and can see it hasnt affected your son even a few years on. I was told it is purely cosmetic. Hoping other children don’t notice it. We keep his hair short as his hair looks awful longer.

    I also want to thank you! I have googled and googled and couldn’t find anything similar. So really reassuring to read about a similar case! And then other cases in response to yours with much older children and they haven’t had developmental or physical problems as result. So thank you for sharing!

    Just wanted to add, he was 7lb 1oz, started in labour the Friday evening and had him Wednesday lunch time with no assistance. Normal vaginal delivery. Just in case this helps anyone else reading this. There were no forceps/vontouse or struggles as such, just a prolonged labour! I am guessing the length of time he was in the position in my pelvis led to this lump although it has never been confirmed. I do feel it would have been better if it had been explained to me that a high percentage go away within a certain period but a small percentage may never go away, although they are not necessarily anything to worry about and are purely cosmetic usually. Rather than being told it will go away by numerous health professionals along the way. It just causes so much worry when it doesn’t.

    • Lidia says:

      Hello, thank you so much for sharing your case. I am from Spain and I haven’t found any information in Spanish. My son is now 17 months and he has it yet, it’s quite noticeable. I am very concerned and I still cry when I think about it. Your story helped me. Thank you.

  37. I’m so glad this was reassuring to you. It sounds like your story is similar to ours. My son is now 11, and he’s just amazing and has never had an issue from it. I have trouble even feeling it on his head any more, his head is so big =).

    I would be surprised if its as noticeable to others as it is to you, because you know its there. But I don’t know what to say about it if he’s starting school and its still noticeable. Our chraniofascial specialist said to bring him back when he started school (around age 6) if it was still noticeable (which it wasn’t).

    Best wishes.

  38. Mary says:

    Thank you for this! I know this a very old blog but I am so glad you left it up for those moms like me googling like mad to get reassurance on their baby’s heads.
    My son was born on May 17th so he is just 6 weeks old but I already feel like my story is going to be very similar to yours. His cephalohematoma may actually be larger than your sons. It’s takes up a good portion of his head..
    The doctors and our pediatrician brushed off the hematoma saying it would reabsorb- it was initially squishy to the touch. When he was about 3 weeks it hardened. We go Monday for an ultrasound for verification of the calcification.
    I wonder if the blood should have been drained? I know pediatricians shy away from that due to possible infection but I can’t help but question if having to deal with this large bump until his head grows and it becomes less noticeable (along with the stares from people if he is not wearing a hat..) is the only/best option.
    I am glad to hear that even if it doesn’t go away that it will eventually become less noticeable.. I am just frustrated and feeling very vain for being so concerned. Mommy guilt! The worry about it being noticeable and kids being cruel in the future has already creeped into my mind.
    Again thank you- and your son is adorable!! 🙂 🙂

    • Sadly the mommy guilt will get you no matter what we do. We need to treat ourselves better!

      I’m so glad my story helped you and so many others…

      And yeah, my cute baby is 11 years old. Hard to believe!

      • Kalyani says:

        Hi,u r amazing ur story is helpful.

        Ur son cephalohematoma gone completely still there?

      • If I feel around really carefully I can probably feel it, but only because I know its there =)

      • Kalyani says:

        U feel the same size that baby at months old or rather difference u feel, so it is decreasing year by year rt?may be after some years u dont feel that also that is going to complete flat head

  39. Its hard to say. I think its probably close to the same size but his head is so much bigger and differently shaped now that its just so subtle.

    • Kalyani says:

      So what can u suggest to me can you say after some years suppose ur baby is 11 yrs so he is like 15yrs or 18 yrs head will be complete normal we dont feel it is there

  40. Maybe it’ll be gone, maybe it won’t. But I’d call it totally normal now. There’s no way to see, you can barely feel it (and only if you know its there), and it has absolutely no effect on him whatsoever.

    • Kalyani says:

      When u shave it is completely normal rt?there is no bump while seeing from front side only when we touch just we can feel that..

  41. Priya says:

    Hey , how is ur boy doing?I know u posted it long back, still see it as an assurance u give to a new mom. Did the calcified bump go away completely (even unable to feel when touched?) . My son still had the same problem. Everyone as u said told its not something to worry till would go away as his head grows. Now he is 18months and it is still there calcified. 😦

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