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Book review: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Its been hard, as a Doctor of Nursing Practice student, to blog as often as I would like. Its been even harder to read books as often as I would like. Thankfully I had the opportunity to read a wonderful … Continue reading

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The 5 Rights of Twitter Administration

We’ve all seen it; that incredibly inappropriate tweet on some major organization’s Twitter feed that is incredibly embarrassing and loses the media manager his/her job. People wonder, how can that happen? Those of us who run multiple Twitter accounts know how … Continue reading

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Family Rituals

When taking a class required for a program, you don’t always find it very relevant. Last semester, however, I took a graduate level Family Nursing course towards my Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) at Minnesota State University, Mankato.  I was … Continue reading

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How do you self-identify?

I’ve had the interesting opportunity to talk to a variety of families over the last few months. In assessing their family structure and function, I have started to ask a very interesting question of each of the members of the … Continue reading

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Autism Awareness vs. Autistic Acceptance

It’s mid-April, so by now you’ve seen calls for Autism Awareness with splashes of blue everywhere you turn.  This is especially true if you are embedded, as I am, in the world of children’s autism. The past few months I … Continue reading

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AWHONN Conference 2015, Long Beach

I’m back from another blogging hiatus, and feeling motivated after a fantastic and energizing conference.  I love conferences! This was my first conference with AWHONN, and by far the biggest of any conference I have attended.  When I saw how … Continue reading

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NLN Technology Conference 2013

Last weekend I attended the NLN Technology conference in Philadelphia, on the campus of Thomas Jefferson University.  It was a great weekend with experts in technology from all over the nursing education landscape.  There were many great sessions relating to … Continue reading

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